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Meet brand new products – GFX laser levels


New laser levels work longer; they are more precise and robust. GFX laser levels stand out from analogs for the number of lasers and advanced features.

For DIYers and professionals

Most of the laser levels, sold in stores, just have a standard type of fixing on a tripod.
Sometimes it is not convenient to use. For some applications, a wall mount with a hole for fixing on a screw is required. It must to be purchased separately.

Of course, it is more convenient to use the laser level instead of traditional bubble levels. But the user has to buy additional accessory to ensure proper operation of the laser level. While development of a new family of laser levels all these aspects have been taken into account.

Built-in accessories will save both time and money. GFX series laser levels are equipped with four types of mount: a tripod thread, a hole for mounting on a screw, strong magnets and a cable tie. The last one is convenient for fixing the laser level on a pipe or a wooden bar.

It can’t be more level

It is often necessary to project a 90° angle during repair or construction works.
GFX laser levels project exactly square cornerы by the intersection of 2 verticals with 1 horizontal line.
This function is indispensable for most repair, construction and design works: tile laying, installation of metal profiles, floor pouring, placement of furniture and many more.

Durability and quality

GFX laser levels, delivered with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and adapter for alkaline batteries, will not fail in difficult working conditions.
Rubberized housing will protect the laser level from breakdown in case it is dropped.
Unlike membrane, the silicone keypad won’t crack in the freezing cold, neither peel off, nor wear out over time. The buttons are made of wear resistance material, which protects the laser level from dust and moisture get inside.

Another benefit of laser levels is compact size and weight. It is easy and convenient to hold it in one hand. If take a look at such small device, it is hard to imagine that there is complex high-tech “filling” inside.

A family of GFX laser levels is an outstanding breakthrough in the laser instrument industry.

Each of the presented novelty products will become a reliable and convenient instrument for both professionals and DIYers.

Specifications of laser levels with regards to the laser lines:

GFX 300 — 2 verticals + 1 horizontal;
GFX 360 — 2 verticals + 1 horizontal 360°;
GFX 360-3 — 2 verticals 360° + 1 horizontal 360°.