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CONDTROL IR-CAM2 PRO — thermal imager

Vendor code: 3-17-021

Warranty: 24 Month

User manual

IR-CAM2 Pro_001_300x300.png

IR-CAM 2 Pro thermal imager 

We are proud to present you CONDTROL IR-CAM 2 Pro with improved optics and Wi-Fi module. This new-generation thermal imager provides opportunities for monitoring. It will allow to make photos and videos and to analyze thermograms quickly and efficiently. CONDTROL IR-CAM 2 Pro has a high image quality, wide range of functions and maximal accuracy of thermal imaging diagnostics.

Advantages of the tool: 

● Touchscreen LCD; 

● Photo and video record mode; 

● Thermal sensitivity (NETD) 70 mK; 

● High resolution of infrared image (220x160px); 

● Wi-Fi module to transmit images on TV;

IR-CAM2 Pro_003_2.png
IR-CAM2 Pro_004.jpg

Clear pictures and clear measurement results 

The IR-CAM 2 Pro thermal imager is equipped with colour touchscreen display with adjusted brightness, crosshairs and display backlight timer. High quality optics provide the best accuracy of thermograms. The device had 3 image modes:

● Visible light image;

● IR- and visible light image fusion;

● IR image 

The IR-CAM 2 Pro thermal imager has 9 colour palettes. Properly selected colour palette allows to obtain more informative thermograms.

Cast screen to TV 

Thanks to the WiFi module the IR-CAM 2 Pro can be connected to a TV. The TV must have an Android TV installed, or it must have a built-in Miracast receiver. This function will be very helpful for monitoring big objects. The experts can conduct the real-time audit.

IR-CAM2 Pro_005_1.png
IR-CAM2 Pro_006_2.jpg

Video recording

Another significant advantage of the IR-CAM2 Pro thermal imager is the option to save the image with the analysis of temperature. Video recording of the measurement process allows to record thermal activity accurately in real time. The results of the thermal imaging diagnostics can be transferred to the PC or laptop with the USB-C cable or stored on the memory card (micro SD).

Easy-to-use device 

The IR-CAM 2 Pro thermal imager is equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip with anti-slip surface. The device can be installed on a tripod for convenient operation and accuracy of measurements. Thanks to IR-CAM 2 Pro, you can detect a heat leakage fast and accurately. In addition, you can evaluate thermal-insulating properties of building structures and take charge of the manufacturing process.

IR-CAM2 Pro_006_3.png


  • Display Sensor LC display 2.8 inch
  • Resolution of infrared image 220x160 (35200) Px
  • Accuracy -10°C…100°C - ±2 °C; 100°C …330°C - ±2 %
  • Resolution of visible image 2 mega pixels
  • Viewing angle/shortest focal distance horizontal: 35,4° vertikal: 26,8° / 4mm
  • Optical resolution 56:1
  • Thermal sensitivity 0.07 °С
  • Temperature measuring range -10 °С …+330 °С
  • Emissivity 0.1…1.0
  • Modes of blending IR and visible image Visible light image, IR- and visible light image fusion, IR image
  • Memory Internal memory-1Gb / External memory up to 64 Gb
  • Battery Li-ion 3.7V 3200mAh, rechargeable
  • Operating temperature -10 °С…+50 °С
  • Storage temperature -20 °С…+60 °С
  • Dimensions 220x64x60 mm
  • Weight 0,26 kg