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Paint Check CONDTROL — coating thickness meter


Vendor code: 3-7-052

Warranty: 24 months

User manual

Paint 300х300.png

Paint Check CONDTROL is a simple and compact thickness meter for fast control of coating thickness on both magnetic and non-magnetic metals in the range from 0 to 2100 microns.

Combined measurement principle

The device is equipped with a magnetic and eddy current sensor, which allows to measure thickness of the coating on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Simple and compact

The device is operated by three buttons: on / off, selectmeasurement mode and measuring unts. The buttons are large and comfortable, so you can work with a thickness meter even in gloves. Ergonomic design. The housing has emobossed inserts, which do not let the device slip off the hand, and measurements can be made in different positions. Paint Check CONDTROL thickness meter is compact enough to fit easily in your pocket.

Paint Check 300х300.png
Paint Check 300х300.png

Quick calibration

To increase the accuracy of the measurement, it is recommended to calibrate the instrument before use. For that purpose 6 samples of coating thickness and a metal plate are included in the delivery package. The calibration process for Paint Check CONDTROL is very simple and takes no more than a minute. The user manual provides a detailed description of the calibration process.

● pocket size

● simple and easy of use

● quick calibration

● high accuracy

● supplied with coating samples.

Coating thickness meter Paint Check CONDTROL can be used:

- in the automotive industry (insurance companies, car dealers involved in car checks, car services for body repair);

- in the construction industry and production for quality control of finished products, technological processes, for design and expert evaluations in laboratories and field conditions.

Paint Check CONDTROL is a simple and compact device that allows you to instantly determine the thickness of the coating without destroying the material being studied. A great option for future car owners who want to protect themselves from buying a broken car.

Standard package: coating thickness meter, metal plate, coating samples, batteries, user manual.

Paint Check 300х300.png


  • Measuring range 0…2100 µm
  • Accuracy ±3%
  • Battery 2*1.5V AAA
  • Operating temperature 0…40 °C
  • Storage temperature -10…+50 °C
  • Dimensions 112*69*25 mm
  • Weight 65 g