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Condtrol 32X Set (CONDTROL 32X optical level, GEO geodetic tripod and a TS5 telescopic leveling pole)


Vendor code: 2-3-047

Warranty: 36 Month

User manual

CONDTROL 32X Set includes a CONDTROL 32X optical level, a GEO geodetic tripod and a TS5 telescopic leveling pole.

CONDTROL 32X is an optical level equipped with the pendulum system with magnetic damping. The working range of the compensator comes up to ±15'. It allows to take fast and precise measurements, with the standard deviation of 1.5 mm per 1 km double-run leveling. The device features a 32x zoom and multi-coated optics for easier targeting and clear visibility. Besides, 32X CONDTROL is equipped with a horizontal limb with 1° increment, accurate tangent screw, and optical view finder with a pointer for convenient targeting.

GEO is an aluminum expanding tripod with a flat area for installation of laser levels and theodolites. There is a firm legs fixation with clamp screws. It has a stave screw with a 5/8” thread. Light and durable material makes the tripod relatively lightweight. Adjustable shoulder strap makes transportation of the tripod more convenient.

Telescopic aluminum leveling pole TS5 is popular among surveyors, cartographers, and builders. The millimeter scale on reverse side provides more user options, whereas the small size and light weight make it easy to use and transport. The pole length is 5 m.


Delivery package: CONDTROL 32X level, adjusting pin, user manual, pouch, TS5 pole, GEO tripod.


  • Standard deviation for 1 km double line 1,5 mm
  • Magnification 32-X
  • Objective aperture 30 mm
  • Minimal viewing distance 0,6 m
  • Stadia Ratio 100
  • Type of compensator magnetic
  • Range 15’
  • Setting Accuracy 0,5"