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Main catalog - CONDTROL A5 2016
New products

CONDTROL EFXThe cross-line laser EFX (DIY) is ideal for home improvement. It has an ergonomic design, an attractive price and is easy to use. The cross-line laser is operated with a single button and stands out from similar models thanks to its compact size.
Various mounting options for the cross-line laser EFX CONDTROL:
- Fixing to a nail or screw
- Mounting on a tripod with 1/4" thread
- Fastening with a tension belt on vertical profiles

The thermal imager IR-CAM1 CONDTROL is designed for primary tasks in thermal imaging diagnostics, such as scanning walls and window for heat loss. It is also applicable for monitoring heating and air ventilation systems and heat-insulated floors.
The thermal imager IR-CAM CONDTROL detects even minor temperature deviation of 0.1 °. Moreover, IR-CAM1 is equipped with a digital camera that allows infrared images overlap with regular photos.
- Working range -30 °C … +300 °C
- Accuracy ± 3%
- LC display with 7.1 cm diagonal
- Easy to use

A smartphone makes our life seem easier. Instead of simply looking up the weather or checking e-mails, we are offering a new application for your iPhone. With our two new apps, your iPhone can easily turn into a virtual inclinometer or a virtual cross-line laser. These apps allow user to experience working with the real devices and realize their true value.

The virtual inclinometer I-Tronix CONDTROL analyzes the image of the iPhone camera and determines horizontal and vertical deviation. The virtual I-Tronix can be used for ceiling works, floor construction, etc. The measurement results are displayed in degrees, percentages, mm/m, or in/ft.
The I-Tronix CONDTROL app can be downloaded free of charge by following the link:

The virtual cross line laser XLiner CONDTROL analyzes the image of the iPhone camera and creates a horizontal line and a vertical line. The virtual XLiner is ideal for installation of drywall constructions, suspended ceilings, windows and doors, etc. The inclination can be displayed in degrees, percentages, mm/m or/ft.
The XLiner CONDTROL app can be downloaded free of charge by following the link:
Fairs/Shows timeline

05.11.13-08.11.13 MITEX Moscow

26.11.13-29.11.13 CIHS Shanghai

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