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CONDTROL X1-LITECROSS LINER LASER CONDTROL QB is a modern compact and easy-to-operate laser level with an original design, projects horizontal and vertical planes. CONDTROL QB is suitable for do-it-yourself applications: decoration, installation of curtain track, furniture, stages, wallpapering, laying of tile, etc. CONDTROL QB is the best choice for DIYers.


CONDTROL X1-LITERobust heavy duty design with
- Improved optics for better outdoor performance
- LCD backlight for any lighting conditions
- Shockproof housing for better protection
- Three large buttons for easy operation even in gloves
- Measurement output in large characters on the display
- Built-in bubble level for basic leveling function

A pioneer in the professional distance meter family, designed by CONDTROL.
As compared to the low-end models, it features an extended working range, dust and water protection to IP54, tripod connecting thread.
Apart from the standard functions, XP3 CONDTROL provides extended features, such as wall surface area calculation, cathetus addition and subtraction by extended Pythagoras, Min/Max distance define function, virtual laser level function, tilt sensor and multifunctional flip-out end-piece for measuring from edges, corners and other inaccessible places.


The IR-CAM 2 CONDTROL thermal imagers - designed for primary tasks in thermal imaging diagnostics, such as walling inspection, scanning of windows and buildings for heat loss, electrical equipment overheating monitoring, heat-insulated floors, heating and ventilation systems, when thermal control is required.
Images can either be stored on a removable SD-card or internal memory or transferred to a PC via the USB-interface.
The compact and handy imagers is ideal for electricians and energy maintenance inspection technicians.
A smartphone makes our life seem easier. Instead of simply looking up the weather or checking e-mails, we are offering a new application for your iPhone. With our two new apps, your iPhone can easily turn into a virtual inclinometer or a virtual cross-line laser. These apps allow user to experience working with the real devices and realize their true value.

The virtual inclinometer I-Tronix CONDTROL analyzes the image of the iPhone camera and determines horizontal and vertical deviation. The virtual I-Tronix can be used for ceiling works, floor construction, etc. The measurement results are displayed in degrees, percentages, mm/m, or in/ft.
The I-Tronix CONDTROL app can be downloaded free of charge by following the link:

The virtual cross line laser XLiner CONDTROL analyzes the image of the iPhone camera and creates a horizontal line and a vertical line. The virtual XLiner is ideal for installation of drywall constructions, suspended ceilings, windows and doors, etc. The inclination can be displayed in degrees, percentages, mm/m or/ft.
The XLiner CONDTROL app can be downloaded free of charge by following the link:
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05.11.13-08.11.13 MITEX Moscow

26.11.13-29.11.13 CIHS Shanghai

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