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HYDRO CONDTROL Easy wood-moisture-meter

HYDRO CONDTROL Easy  wood-moisture-meter
HYDRO CONDTROL Easy has been designed for effective wood moisture measurement, as per GOST 16588.
The device measures the moisture content of a material, judging by its electrical resistance at a temperature above 0°C. Therefore, it ensures accurate moisture measurement at a depth of 2 cm, within a working range of 2-60%.
As compared to conductometric pin moisture meters, HYDRO CONDTROL Easy benefits from using a high-frequency method of measurement, which is not seriously influenced by wood temperature or static electricity.
Thanks to the efficiency of this method, the device allows to examine the surface of an entire wooden board within a few seconds.

Measurement of moisture content at a significant depth, without using pins and damaging the wood surface.
Taking fast measurements of an entire surface of a wooden board.
The reliable technology applicable to all types of wood.
Persistent accuracy level proven by numerous tests and researches.
Permanent memory ensures saving all data in case of power outage.
A 2-line (12 digits each) easy-to-read LC-display.
Automatic switch-off.
Battery level indicator.

HYDRO CONDTROL Easy is equipped with a “library” that consists of 7 types of wood, including pinewood, birch, larch, oak, beech, aspen, and spruce.

Thanks to the compact size of the device, it easily fits in a pocket or a toolbox.

HYDRO CONDTROL Easy is a high-quality professional tool for wood and timber moisture measurement. Therefore, it is ideal for construction workers, woodworkers, furniture makers, carpenters, and quality inspectors.
The device has been tested in:
- timber factories
- hardwood factories
- furniture factories
- laminated lumber factories
- wood trim production
- door and window production
- cabinet furniture production, etc.

Delivery package:
HYDRO CONDTROL Easy moisture meter with an integrated detector
moisture equivalent

Additional illustrations

  • Wood Moisture Meter HYDRO CONDTROL Easy

Wood Moisture Meter HYDRO CONDTROL Easy

Working Range, %wood 2-60
Accuracy within Limits, %
2...10%less than 0.8
10...20%less than 1
20...30%less than 1,5
30...45%less than 2
over 45 %not rated
Weight, kg0,2


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