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Moisture Meters

Wood Moisture Meter

Wood Moisture Meter
The device measures the moisture content of a material, judging by its electrical resistance at a temperature above 0°C. Therefore, it ensures accurate moisture measurement at a depth of 2 cm, within a working range of 2-60%.

Wood and Concrete Moisture Meters

Wood and building materials Moisture Meter
Hydro-Tec is a moisture meter designed for fast and convenient moisture measurements of building materials (concrete, masonry, brick). The Hydro-Tec measures the moisture content of a material using capacity technology. It ensures accurate moisture measurement at a depth of 20 mm, within a working range of 0.1-65%, not damaging material’s surface.

Moisture Meter
HYDRO CONDTROL has been designed for effective wood moisture measurement, as per GOST 16588, as well as other building materials (e.g. concrete, screed, plaster, brick), as per GOST 21718, when operating in laboratory, plant, or field environment.

Air Humidity and Building Materials Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter
HYDRO PRO CONDTROL is a high-quality professional tool for taking measurements of temperature and air humidity, as well as moisture content of wood and other building materials.

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