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CONDTROL Octoliner Servo multiline-laser

CONDTROL Octoliner Servo  multiline-laser
Multiline laser CONDTROL Octoliner Servo is the apex of technological development among cross line lasers. It is a professional measuring instrument suitable for any construction and repair work: erection of divide walls in both large and small rooms, floor pouring, laying of floor coating or ceramic tiles, wallpapering or installation of ceilings, lighting or furniture. Using of plumb dot and crossing laser lines on the ceiling indoors, it is possible to perform laying out for spot lighting and ventilation.

High leveling accuracy is a distinctive feature of the Laser Level Octoliner Servo CONDTROL. The system based on inbuilt high-precision tilt sensor (inclinator) and also on servomotor with stepper motors, guarantees the greatest possible accuracy as it can be - ±0,1 mm/m that is excellent quality among laser planes builders. At the same time, servomotors operate as a compensator lock while transportation – when the product is off, the compensator is securely fixed inside the housing. Electronic compensator is equipped by a signal system indicating when the product is unbalanced by some external influence, eliminating the risk of incorrect marking while working.

Bright laser. The brightest among laser levels of its class laser emitters are used in Octoliner Servo CONDTROL. Four vertical planes, closed horizontal plane and laser plumb provide unlimited possibilities in the application of this product. Laser planes can be switched for marking alternately as it is required. It helps to save the battery life.

Large capacity of Li-ion battery and separate line switching function give a fairy long battery life (no charge) and if necessary, the battery can be recharged while staying inside the product, that allows charging it during the operation.

High strength. Frame construction, solid plastic, rubber bumper on the housing, electronic and mechanical leveling mechanism protect the product from shock and mechanical influence. Liner laser Octoliner Servo CONDTROL is shock, dust and moisture resistant.

Horizontal limb. There is a rotary mechanism with a 360° degree scale for fine pointing of vertical lines. Fine adjustment handle helps to easily aim at required surface.

Outdoor operation with the receiver. One of the requirements for professional laser levels is the ability to make road markings even in bright sunshine. Therefore Octoliner Servo CONDTROL has a special operation mode with receiver. The opportunity to work with laser receiver extends the area of product application: it is convenient for installation of ventilated facades, earthwork operations or laying of foundation.

High reliability and dust protection according to IP54 standard. Considerable opportunities of Octoliner Servo CONDTROL can satisfy the request of any demanding professional and to significantly reduce work time at the site.

User manual

Multiline laser CONDTROL Octoliner Servo

Working range50 m
Working range with detector100 m
Levelling accuracy± 0,1 mm/m
Self-leveling range±4°
Working temperature-10°C…+50°C
Dust and water protectionIP54
Working time8 hrs.
Laser type635 nm, <1 mW, class II
Batteries3,7V 5400 mAh Li-ion rechargeable
Dimensions210 x 110 x 110 mm
Weight1,535 kg


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