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CONDTROL XLiner Combo — laser-level

CONDTROL XLiner Combo — laser-level
At the moment the optical circuit XLiner Combo is simply unrivalled in the market.
With three laser emitters the level can build not only the classic “cross” (horizontal and vertical plane sweep with 160 ° angles), but also five orthogonal beams (Zenith, Nadir and three horizontal: forward, left, right). The device can be mounted on a tripod in such a way that the plumb point
will be located on the mounting axis of the level. Therefore, when the device turns around its axis, the zenith and nadir remain static.
The level not only combines the functions of projecting planes, plumb lines and directions but it can also replace laser levels with the 4V4H optical circuitry (4 horizontal and 4 vertical planes) when conducting certain works (installation of partitions, floors, ceilings and utility systems). Besides, compared to laser levels with 4V4H optics XLiner Combo significantly surpasses them in the operating range, size and price.

Delivery package:
cross&point laser XLiner Combo
user manual

Warranty: 24 months.

User manual


Additional illustrations

  • Laser Level CONDTROL XLiner Combo
Схема развертки лазерных плоскостей
  • Laser Level CONDTROL XLiner Combo
  • Laser Level CONDTROL XLiner Combo
  • Laser Level CONDTROL XLiner Combo
  • Laser Level CONDTROL XLiner Combo
  • Laser Level CONDTROL XLiner Combo

Laser Level CONDTROL XLiner Combo

Accuracy, mm/m± 0,2
Working Range, m50
Working Range with Receiver, m100
Self-Levelling Range, º± 5
Laser Beam, nm3x635
Power Supply3x1,5В
Operating Temperature-20°С…+50°С
Storage Temperature-40°С…+70°С
Dimensions, mm77х113х131

Recommended accessories

  • Штатив CONDTROL с элевационной головкой
  • Детектор для лазерных нивелиров XLiner CONDTROL
  • Очки для работы с лазерным нивелиром
  • Магнитная мишень для лазерного нивелира


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