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CONDTROL Vector 100 laser-distance-meter

CONDTROL Vector 100  laser-distance-meter
Vector 100 – is professional laser distance meter designed for fast and accurate distance measurement up to 100 m. Full-color high resolution display provides comfortable operation in any lighting conditions. The built-in 3D accelerometer helps to determine the distance between two arbitrary points in space, and the Bluetooth function together with the App CONDTROL Smart Measure will significantly increase the possibility of using this laser distance meter.

Point-to-Point function. One of the main advantages of the Vector 100 laser rangefinder is the ability to measure the distance between two arbitrary points in space. This is achieved thanks to the built-in 3D accelerometer, which allows determining the length of a segment passing through buildings or obstacles (wall, trees, fence) using just two measurements.

Wall surface function. With this function, the laser distance meter will quickly calculate the total area of the walls, which allows to estimate the quantity of materials for repair (wallpaper, putty). To do this, you need to measure the height first, and then the length of all the walls. The laser distance meter itself adds up the obtained areas and shows them on an accrual basis.

Calculation of horizontal and vertical distance by just one measurement. Built-in tilt sensor allows calculating the horizontal and vertical distance from the laser distance meter to the object. For example, you can use this function to determine the height of a building and distance from the device to the object, even if there is an obstacle. Digital vial.

It can be used to check the slope of the roadway, levelness of existing floors or when installing furniture.

Standard package: laser distance meter, pouch, strap, charging cable, user manual.

User manual

Laser Distance Meter CONDTROL Vector 100

SpecificationsVector 100
Working Range0.05-100 m
Accuracy1.5 mm
Displayed Values4
Tilt sensor
Point to point


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